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About Me
My name is Innocentia Mvubu, I was born in Bethal but I was raised in Mpumalanga, Kwamhlanga. After I completed my matric in 2006 I registered for introduction to business studies in 2007 at Tshwane North College, after I completed my introduction I couldn’t further my studies due to lack of funds.
In 2008 I started to work at a retail store as a general worker until I resigned in 2013. My tasks included being a cashier and supervisor’s assistant.

Why Financial Management N6
I chose financial management because I love accounting, I love working with numbers.

How I Got My Internship
My friend sent me a list of websites to search for internships and the she later told me to browse on my face book and search for “THE GRADUATES” which is now GWCONNECT and then I registered my profile. After few weeks I was called by Outex and interviewed me over the phone, after two weeks they called me again for a formal interview but I didn’t pass that interview, I went on to another four more interviews until the fifth one where I got the internship.

The Company
I am working at Outex offices. I am really enjoying my job and I have gained more experience and knowledge already and my supervisor is very supportive. My collegues are very friendly, I am new at that company but I feel like I have known them forever. They gave me a warm welcome when I arrive there, I have learnt a lot of things and I am enjoying it.
Innocentia Mvubu | Financial Management N6 | 2016-08-17

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