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About Me
My name is Sonwabile Makhesethi,I am an ambitious individual who believes that life is a journey and like former president Nelson Mandela,believe that 'Education is the key to success. I am self-motivated and very keen to learn. I completed my grade 12 at Oosrand Secondary School in 2014 van Ross .Having failed to continue my studies in 2015 due to financial challenges, I enrolled for Financial Management at Ekurhuleni West College's Germiston campus - To be honest, that was settling for less according to me at that time since I had done fairly well in my matric(passed with Bachelor admission).It was my Financial Accounting N4 lecturer Mr Ramagwedzha who revived the aspirations I had after completing my grade 12,now I know that EWC is the best thing that ever happened to me academically thus far. I completed Financial Management N6 in 2017 June. My personality traits, well I'm me, all me and content with being me, however as English words it 'The is always room for improvement. I am kind of an introvert through comparison with the extrovert's characteristics, I’m not wild and outgoing, but I like people and value Ubuntu. I cherish lending a helping hand where I can each.
I do not have much work experience. The only work experience I got is for Invigilating .I had the privilege to Invigilate the 2017 November examination at Ekurhuleni TVET College Germiston campus.

Why Financial Management N6
I always envisioned myself in the Corporate Industry in a tie and a suit since childhood. I had a strong desire to become an Entrepreneur, but never quit figured out what type of business to start. Being business minded I asked myself as to what I can do in the meantime that will not deviate from my mission to run my own company one day. Accounting as the center pierce of business became my answer and that is why I chose to study Financial Management - You handle your finances right than your business will not become insolvent and liquidated.

How I Got My Internship
Upon completion of my N6 examinations, I received a link from OUTEX to create a GWConnect profile which I did. With a 95% completion of my profile I was contacted by Intelleto confirming my profile. It was in December when Intelleto contacted me again, informing me to attend an interview in their offices at Pretoria which I did. Intelleto than called me again informing me to attend a second interview at Bedfordview which I did. I was than informed that I was among the three successful candidates as there were six of us who were interviewed at Bedfordview.

The Company
I am doing my Internship with Concor Construction's subdivision Concor Building. It is a great honor for me to be part of this great company with a rich heritage. It is not every Intern who can look back at their internship and be able to point at a permanent structure and say when that was built I was processing GRVs for it and had the opportunity to liaise with their accounts division. It is a great honor for me to be part of Concor Building and it would not have happened without the help of Intelleto
Sonwabile Makhesethi | Financial Management N6 | 2018-03-08

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