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About Me
My name is Evans Maseko, I was born in Tembisa then I was moved to Mpumalanga that’s where I started my Primary school. I have completed my Senior Certificate in 2015 at Zitikeni Secondary School, after my matric I decided to study at Ekurhuleni West TVET College from the first semester of 2016 until the first semester of 2017 doing Financial Management.
After completing my N6 in Financial Management, I was given an opportunity by the college to invigilate as an External Invigilator for the final Business Studies examinations of 2017. Being an External Invigilator is the only part-time work experience that I have.

Why Financial Management N6
The love of finance studies started when I was doing my standard 8(grade 10), so choosing Financial Management was something I already had in mind from secondary school. I decided to do Financial Management because I knew about the demand of Finance students in most companies. One of the obvious fact about choosing Financial Management is that I enjoy the major subject of the course being Accounting/Financial Accounting.

How I Got My Internship
When I was still at college one of my friends told me to register my profile at Gwconnent website, after registering my profile I started to apply for internships via the website. One day I got a call from Outex telling me to register my profile, likely I have already done it. After few weeks I got a call again from Outex inviting me for interview session. I was one of the successful candidates on that day.

The Company
The private company Unitrans Automotive that I am currently doing my internship it consist of different divisions and branches dealing with sales of new or used cars, a wide range of insurance, assurance of vehicles and financing. One of its mandate is to allow interns to gain a formal work experience in finance and other business related jobs.
Evans Maseko | Financial Management N6 | 2018-03-27

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