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About Me
I am Princess Nomataliyana Ngozo who currently resides in Pretoria Soshanguve, I am a person who is an introvert and an extrovert, I am an interactive person and I am also determined, humbled and loyal, and as a student I was dedicated to my school work and disciplined. I completed my N6 in Financial Management in 2017 at Tshwane North College.
After I completed my matric I worked part time at a retail store under the brand Aldo for a few months.

Why Financial Management N6
I chose to study Financial Management because I believe that Finance world is broad, and I would like to give in also in the industry and explore and gain knowledge.

How I Got My Internship
I got the internship through the profile I created on the GWconnect website, immediately after creating the profile I got a call from the team to confirm my details and I was asked if I would like to take part in an internship around Pretoria and I agreed after that I was invited to an interview at the University of Pretoria I was so excited that they kept their word, they sent me all the interview details via my email and before and on the day they called to check if I'm still aware of the interview and if I have arrived at the place the interview was held at, and after the interview I was contacted again letting me know that the interview I went to was successful.

The Company
As I have mentioned above that the placement of the internship is in the University of Pretoria and I am going to be starting the internship program on the 3rd of April 2018.
Princess Nomataliyana Ngozo | Financial Management N6 | 2018-04-03

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