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About Me
I am Oupa Joram Nkosi, grew up at Mpumalanga in a small hamlet call Sinyeva Land. I matriculated in 2012, then I took calculated risk journey after my matric and went to Pretoria to fulfil my studies at Tshwane North TVET College doing Financial Management
While I was studying N4, I worked part time at Hatfield Engen Garage in order to raise money for my fees and accommodation so that I’ll be able to sharpen my ambition. To study and work at the same time it’s a bit hectic, it was hard at first but since I know what I want in life, I was patient and endured until I completed N6. I volunteered at my school (Tshwane North TVET College) after completing my studies.

Why Financial Management N6
I want to become a professional accountant and audit my own company after some few years, furthermore accounting is my passion.

How I Got My Internship
I was browsing the internet searching for available internships, then I came across with GWConnect. I went through their website and I saw that I need to register my CV with them. I registered then after sometimes I received a call from Outex inviting me for an interview unfortunately I failed the Interview. They did not give up on me, Mrs Gerda Halgryn promised to find me another opportunity and she did, I went for an interview at Torque-IT where I became successful.

The Company
It Is lovely to be under Torque-IT, it is wonderful and magnificent to work with such people base on love, respect and even the nature of the company its kindly awesome. I have learned much more in less than a week and I hope after my duration I will be knowing more. They grant us the platform to mix accounting with IT which is a good thing to everyone. All thanks to GWConnect and OUTEX.
Oupa Joram Nkosi | Financial Management N6 | 2016-10-12

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