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About Me
I am a young adult at the age of 26, born and grew up in LIMPOPO (VENDA) where I attended both my primary and secondary school, which I completed in 2009 (Grd 12). Currently residing in OLIVENHOUTBOSCH CENTURION.
After completing my matric I worked at Wimpy, Pick ’n Pay and Regio pre-school THE REEDS. I also worked at Tshwane South College Centurion Campus as a temp’ straight after finishing my Management Assistant course in 2015.

I studied Management Assistant course because in all my past working experience I realised that I am a good listener, focused, optimistic human being, and I am also not afraid of responsibilities. I can be a good leader and a follower. I then fell in love with being part of executive team in any sort of business.

How I Got My Internship
I got an internship through a friend she posted something about GW.CONNECT on social media (Facebook). I then registered myself with all her help, after a few weeks I received a call from OUTEX, and all that happened within a month.

The Company
The company I am working for is one of the best in the whole world; the people, the environment, the culture of the company and the relationship, everyone knows their duties and their places and all in all everyone knows what they’re here for.
Milicent Mokhedi | MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT N6 | 2018-04-20

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