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About Me
I am Nthekeng Nancy Lekalake and this is my story, my successful journey.
I am 22 years of age, the second and lastborn of Solomon and Riah Lekalake. I was born and raised at Vontin, matriculated at Utsane secondary school at 2013, started my management assistant at 2015-2017.
In 2014 I found job at Legit Bela- bela, I worked for few months as a retail associate, it was a great experience but was not my passion. After my N6 I volunteered at Mogotlhwane Primary as administration assistant to gain experience.

wanted to study in the field of business, I fell in love with working with people, assisting them and making sure that their day to day activities are well taken care. Helping people is in my genes. Management assistant was the course for me, I am always available to assist anyone who needs help.

How I Got My Internship
After completing my course in 2017, I got a letter from school that enable me to request internships and was also told to leave my personal details at school in case something come up. In a later stage I was called and asked to fill my information on GWConnect, that is where I was contacted by people from outex for interview, that's how I got the internship.

The Company
King Price is an insurance company that deals with clients, that offers the best insurance of life time. The staff are friendly and loving, they are family, they offer training and best service to their employers and they always deliver and put their clients first.
Nthekeng Nancy Lekalake | MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT N6 | 2018-04-23

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