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About Me
My name is Tramaine Clairyotte Rikhotso, I was born in WInterveldt and bred in Soshanguve, and I am the first born of three siblings, as we are all girls. I went to Christian Progressive College where I finished my high school, commenced to Tshwane North College to do my Management Assistance course N6 in 2017.
I started at an internet café in 2011 then went to work at KFC (Hercules branch) in 2012 and then I went to work in Cabaña Sunnyside as a hostess in 2015 while I was taking time waiting to start my Management Assistant course.

I chose Management Assistant course because I always wanted to be a General Manager or CEO of a huge company, in other words I loved being in the corporate world but in life you don’t start big you have to work your way up the ladder to succeed as there are no small jobs but small people.

How I Got My Internship
After working so hard for my N6, I was at home didn’t know what next I received a call from Outex, asking me to go to the internet or on my phone to fill in a form scan and attach my certificates then I went and did it then then I was called for an interview at King Price Insurance and I got the job.

The Company
I’m working for King Price Insurance Head offices in Menlyn Main, it’s one company whereby it’s not wrong to be you also it has welcomed me with both arms open as after two weeks being in the Client Care department I got a promoted to work in the Collections department. I see myself growing each and every day coming to work also gaining experience to being a big shot there, I’m truly blessed to work for such a great big company also I don’t feel small but I feel I have a lot to give to the company as they have faith in me.
Tramaine Clairyotte Rikhotso | MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT N6 | 2018-04-24

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