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About Me
I am Nonhlanhla mbali Zungu, I am 27 years of age I reside in Germiston. I studied Management Assistant for one year six months and I'm currently doing my internship at Sandton Plant Hire for my Diploma. I work as a Workshop clerk doing various Admin duties for the workshop Manager, I love working with people and working in a good environment, I am ambitious and like to challenge myself I believe that education can change the world if everyone is given the opportunity to learn something new every day.
. During my school days on holidays I would work as cleaner at a medical center called De Wikus Medical, I did filling, sorting and indexing for them and I also worked as a care giver for children who are disadvantage in communities, we worked as volunteers for the organization the duties that I used to do was cleaning the center, cooking, doing home works with kids and teaching them games outside the yard.

Management Assistant requires a person to work personally with people from all over and one of the things I enjoy doing is working and interacting with people, I also chose it because it challenges you as a person you don't specifically work in one place you can work in different departments doing various task with the course. I also chose it because it allows you to grow, you can start from being a receptionist to a manager's PA and going forward.

How I Got My Internship
I registered my profile at GW Connect and and E-mail was sent to me that I have an interview, I went for an interview then on the same day after the interview Dorcas called me to tell me that I got the job and I must come for contract signing, after I did the contract signing I started working the next day.

The Company
It is Plant Hire company they basically work by hiring machines for mines and other sites, the company has five departments namely: human resource, Creditors, Buyers, AMT and workshop which i work for, we order and capture parts that are needed for sites then the order goes to the buyers who make sure that the order is correct and purchase the parts that the mechanics ordered, after they take it to the creditors for invoicing and receipting. human resource works with all the employees in the organization they do the payroll, leaves and other employee needs. AMT works with maintaining the machines. the company is owned by Peter Fourie who everyday overlooks everything that happens in the company.
Nonhlanhla mbali Zungu | MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT N6 | 2018-05-30

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