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About Me
Having to write a success story is a privilege and assured me that I am moving towards my greener pastures, I am not just moving but also accomplishing my goals. I am Ompilela Rathogwa I currently reside in Atteridgeville. I completed my Matric at Phiriphiri High School in 2014 at the age of 17. Yes, I was young with big dreams but only had access to textbooks due to availability of limited resources.
My accomplishments during my Grade 12 year:
I was chosen by my Province to represent them in Cape Town at the Nelson Mandela Children’s Parliament. Here I discovered my Leadership ability, great communication skills, creativity and I also developed more self-confidence. The child parliamentarians from around South Africa chose me to be their chairperson. This trip was many firsts for me, my first time in an airplane, my first time sitting on a podium live on National TV and working with the most honoured ministers and leaders whom I have only seen on TV. All of this was done by me a young girl all the way from a village u can’t even trace on a GPS.
I completed my N6 in 2016, between then and now I was applying for internships with no success only rejections. I got to a point where I decided to just apply for any job. I was employed by Bayport Financial Services as a Sales Agent. Unfortunately the internship was not recognised by the college due to the irrelevant duties which were assigned to me as Management Assistant intern.

I decided to study Musical theatre at the South African State Theatre, the course comprised of Acting, Music and Dance classes. This is where I found my hidden passion for Performing Art.

I had a dream to further my studies at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, Journalism and Business Analysis courses. Unfortunately my parents had ideas of what I should study. I was told to study a course at a local college which did not interest me at all. I spent six months of my life not studying and trying to convince my parents to study Journalism or business related courses. During the six month of introspection, I realised that every course or career is useful when the knowledge obtained is applied wisely. My plan was to get a Diploma in Management Assistant in order to pay my own fees towards the course I love and which I am passionate about. That’s when I decided to study Management Assistant, I accepted the fact that I couldn’t study what I love as of yet. I was a straight A student, my positive attitude allowed me to love the course, I invested more time in the course, I changed my mentality and began to see beyond the term “Assistant” at the end of “Management” - No course is useless.

How I Got My Internship
I was a Theatre Practitioner until I was introduced to OUTEX, Outex is the company that gave me an opportunity that I have been seeking for with red eyes. I created my online profile with them. Praise God, I was accepted. They arranged an interview for me with one of their client’s King Price Insurance. They told me everything I needed to know, groomed and prepared me for my interview. I was clueless about insurance and King Price, I did my research and successfully completed my interview. King Price selected me to be part of the King Price Family.

The Company
King Price is an Insurance company which was started by Gideon Galloway in 2012, a company with phenomenal values. My favourite values are: “Together We Can, Customer is King, Be Real and Fun with a Little Madness”. Their culture is very unique and it accommodates everyone that works here. It matches my energy and personality, I don’t feel a strain when I come to work. I know I am surrounded by happy colleagues who love what they do, having fun with a little bit of madness while working and getting productive. King Price is extremely welcoming and the induction process motivated me to instantly set my goals. I will work hard to achieve my goals at King Price, even after I have obtained my Diploma in Management Assistant.
Ompilela Rathogwa | MANAGEMENT ASSISTANT N6 | 2018-08-06

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