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About Me
My name is Legese Khutji Marota and am 25 years old. I was bred and brought up in Limpopo (ZebedieIa) in a village called Gedroogte, I matriculated in 2011 at Mankhole Secondary School. After my matric I came to Pretoria it was 2012, to further my studies. I went to Damelin Pretoria Campus to study Diploma Office Management because of finance I had to drop out. In 2013 I went to Pretoria Technical College to complete my Diploma in Office Management, but they weren’t offering it they called it Management Assistant, I completed my N6 on December 2016.
In 2017 I volunteered at Tshwane Leadership Management Academy as an Assistant Intern, the experience was good but not beneficial since there was no challenges and lot of work.

Why Management Assistant
When I went to Damelin Pretoria City Campus, I didn’t know what to study but I wanted something that will boost my confidence, something that will force me to always communicate, learn the introduction of business, and interact with other people. I was told about Office Management and I made some researched about it I was so happy because it was something I was looking for because it had lots of opportunities. That is why I ended up doing Management Assistant since it’s the same thing as Office Administration/ Management the most thing that I loved about it was the fact that the opportunities were mostly based in companies that I have always desired to work in.

How I Got My Internship
I firstly heard about GWConnect from a friend of mine. He encouraged me to register on GW Connect, then I decided to visit their GWConnect website and registered my cv and personal information on their database. After 3- months I got a call from the people of OUTEX for an interview which I passed. I am now an Intern at Alisom Communication. This was made possible by GWConnect and now I know that I will get my N Diploma after my internship.

The Company
The company I am working for is Alisom Communication and the environment is extremely productive, I am given a lot of experience and I am enjoying every challenge I get because it makes my work so exciting and the people at Alisom communications are very friendly, always willing to help whenever you ask for their help and even the Directors a very friendly, as for my supervisor he is the best boss ever.
Khutjie Legese Marota | Management Assistant | 2019-02-07

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