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About Me
My name is Phomelelo Aphane. Phomelelo is a very passionate, ambitious, outgoing and friendly young woman. She is a rural girl from Limpopo who was raised by her grandmother. I matriculated the year 2014, and then I move to Kagiso to live with my mom and that is where I reside currently. Finding an ideal school to further my studies was difficult that’s when I decided to enroll at Westcol, where I studied Management Assistant, I must say that it was one of the best decisions I have made.
I don’t have any working experience yet, hence am still an intern.

Why Management Assistant
I chose Management Assistant not only because of the passion I have for liaising with people and being a helping hand, I chose to be the center and work at the heart of the company, playing a key role of its growth and success. I am intrigued by the challenges. It is compelling also because of the chance you get to show off hidden skills and hone new ones. I believe that this career path will grow me as a person who dream of having her own administration company one day. It will equip me to broader knowledge of secretarial field, because of the opportunities it has. As a Management Assistant you can pretty much work everywhere at every industry.

How I Got My Internship
Few months after I completed the course, I received a call from OUTEX asking me if am still looking for an internship, that is when I got an interview with them. The HR team has been so amazing,  I gave them a though time, but they never gave up on me. I massively appreciate their effort. I am where I am today because of their dedication and hard work.

The Company
I am placed at 1Life insurance company in Auto and General Park. A place where we are given opportunities to unleash our talents. The company that strive for the development of its employees. Where through hard work every dream can be reached. The atmosphere is amazing. We have road trips where we are encouraged to succeed in life. We are also given awards as a form of motivation. Everyday we own it because we change lives.
Phomelelo Aphane | Management Assistant | 2019-02-07

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