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About Me
I am Bella Maluleka born in a rural area called Bakenberg in Limpopo Province. I completed my matric at Bakenberg high school, growing up in a rural area I knew that I want to further myself educationally and invest in me as a person, that’s when I relocated to Pretoria to study Management.

While still studying I worked at a Community Work Programme on weekends, in my last semester I did practical’s at Baviaanspoort Correctional Services, that is where I improved in a professional work environment.

Why Management Assistant
I have chosen this career path to gain more knowledge in management and improve my leadership skills. I see myself climbing the ladder up to management in a successful South African organization

How I Got My Internship
I received a call from Outex offices after completing my N6, I registered my CV on their page, within a week I received an invitation for an interview

The Company
I am currently working at Megamaster as a Receptionist. Megamaster is the new largest supplier of the lifestyle cooking and heating products to the Southern African market with an expanded market presence in Europe. My experience with this company has been great so far, I have been able to learn a lot in a fast paced environment in such a way that they even expanded my responsibilities to assist in Sales, finance and Management. I have a great communication with all the employees and also growing with the company every day.
Bella Maluleka | Management Assistant | 2019-03-04

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