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About Me
My name is Khathutshelo Rabumbulu I was born in venda village called Khubvi. My family then relocate to Gauteng after my mom passed away. I start my primary level at Mvelaphanda primary school and then moved to Eqinisweni secondary school where I did my grade 12. After my grade 12 I took 2 years gap while I was still looking for what course can I do but when I apply for space at college my first option was Accounting, human resource management was second option for me but taking that two year gap makes me to release that I like to work with people, human resource was my option.
My past working experience was very good I was working for Creativity retail store the environment and colleagues and I have learn a lot of things in the retail

Why Human Resource Management
I choose Human resource management because I wanted to work with people beside working as an HR Assistant, I also work with some entertainment Company Bonnok and KBM entertainment.

How I Got My Internship
I was invited by Ekurhuleni West College to come and attended inductions where there was co-host employers and sponsor which was inseta. what happened there the co- host employer which is two mountain they couldn’t pitch on the induction. Mr Jimmy took my number so that he can invite me for interview at Intelleto I attended the interview on the 4th February 2019, and I manage to win the interview and I started to work immediately that is how I got the job.

The Company
I am currently doing internship at Intelleto. It is an outsourcing company that assist students from public TVET colleges who are looking for internship from public TVET college who are looking for internship to complete their practical so that the can be able to get their diploma. It is a small growing company in term of giving young south African opportunity.
Khathutshelo Rabumbulu | Human Resource Management | 2019-04-24

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