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About Me
My Name is Musa Stranger Vukeya. I was born in Gauteng but grew up in Limpopo in a village called Mageva. I am a self-motivated person with high competency. I am an ambivert person who is carrying a multiple character behavior and positive attitude. I love doing a roadwork, reading short stories, and sometimes newspapers just to keep my body healthy and energetic and my mind stimulated. I love helping people who I feel they do need my help. I am obsessed to my vision and I want to enhance my knowledge and capabilities by working in a dynamic organization that prides itself in giving substantial responsibility to new talent.
After competing N6 in Management Assistant at Westcol. I got a job at Bradian Logistics in Kempton Park on October 2018. I was working under an Agent (CMC) in a small contract project where I worked as General Worker. The contract ended after two weeks and I got another at Shoprite DC under Isulumko agent. I received a call a week after from my previous job (Bradian) asking me to come for another position, and I resigned at Shoprite and went back. I then worked as a data capture Until I resigned in January2019 after I received a call from the College about internship.

Why Management Assistant
After completing my matric, I wanted to study Management Information Systems and I realized later that the College was no longer offering the course. I then gathered my thoughts trying to find out what am I good at. Fortunately, I managed to shake myself out within the registration period on the college and I decided to study Management Assistant. I chose this course because I realized that my strengths and capabilities together with my vision are corresponding with the course. I feel not lost in this career path. I always had a vision beyond being an employee but be an employer. I realized that Management Assistant carries a multitask components that would help my path out.

How I Got My Internship
It took me quite a while after I completed and submitted my CV at the college. I received a call from the college, and I was asked if I am still looking for internship, and I said yes. My college had been in contact with Outex by giving out graduates’ details to the company. I was lucky I got contacted to go sign the contract.

The Company
Outex consists of a team of highly skilled, innovative, experienced individuals, who, together, transform ideas and businesses into value. We not a standard Chartered Accountants, Human Resource Executives, Consultants or System Developers…. we do things differently. We are good at what we do, we give good advice, the best service, ensuring that your business is profitable and sustainable. We are not a Service Provider; we are part of your business. We are an Outsourcing expert.
Musa Stranger Vukeya | Management Assistant | 2019-06-14

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