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About Me
My name is Bonginkosi Madonsela I’m currently residing in Pretoria Soshanguve but I was originally born and raised in Mpumalanga to a City called Mbombela where I pursued my high school studies. I am a very vibrant and energetic person who possess love for music and football.

I am ambitious individual who developed a matured and responsible approach to any task or situation at hand. I pay attention to detail, eager to learn from other people which works as my advantage in becoming a better person by combining their ideas and my own. I am a fast learner, can adapt to any changing environment and blend in with existing qualities to carry the brand and see to its vision.
I am proud to say I am a hard-working person thought I never worked or had a work experience. Working isn’t the only aspect where you can see that you are a hard worker, you can see that at school, home, church, etc. I saw that I am a hard worker at school particularly at College during trike and we were approaching final exams, lecture would skip chapter because of that and I had to sacrifice sleep and study all night and here I am hard work paid out I passed.

Why Management Assistant
Everything that is done out of passion has fruitful and positive results. I always had love for office working environment, so yeah I chose this course because I know that’s where I belong and I will surely blend well.

How I Got My Internship
It was really a profound and interesting moment when receiving a call from OUTEX after I had completed my N6 in Management Assistant and searching for 18 Months service training. I was ready for the internship because I wanted to have the experience that will usher me to my dreams but at first I wasn’t thinking it was really an internship because I never applied at OUTEX until they went into details about the company.

The Company
OUTEX is a company that helps/offers internships to under graduates so that they obtain their Diplomas. The company provides candidates with multitudes of opportunities which you can grow on and become something big in the corporate world.
Bonginkosi Madonsela | Management Assistant | 2019-10-03

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