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About Me
My name is Gasediyege Vinolia Gololo. I was born and raised in Mpumalanga,Kwa- Mhlanga then later I moved to Pretoria. I studied Management Assistant at Tshwane North TVET College and completed in 2018.

I have never worked before.

Why Management Assistant
I studied Management Assistant because I loved it from the first time I heard of its opportunities. I enjoy engaging with other people, helping in a winning team, putting effort, time, dedication and energy in a successful company. The course matched with my personality and the love I have for helping other people. I am a very bubbly and easy person to get along with.

How I Got My Internship
I was advised by my college Lecturer to submit my documents at Tshwane North College Head Office, of which I did early January then got a call from Outex late February and was asked to send my documents. I did send after a week, then I received a call early March to ask if I am still available and was invited for interview. Everything went well and everything was successful.

The Company
OUTEX is a very friendly company with lovely staff members. I am an assistant; I help other students to get internship as I was helped by others. I am very grateful for the opportunity given by Outex and would also like to thank God for making everything a success.
Gasediyege Vinolia Gololo | Management Assistant | 2019-10-31

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