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About Me
My name is Isabella Mangue I was born in Randfontein. I completed my grade 12 at Phamama Senior Secondary School. I later then furthered my studies at Westcolle College where i completed my Public Relations N6 in 2012 and Management Assistant N6 in 2018.
I worked at Emzini Printing & training Agency as a Admin clerk and Computer tutor for the period of 4 years. Then later on I worked at Department of Education for the period of 18 Months which it was internship for Public Relations.

Why Management Assistant
At first I didn't like Management Assistant that's why started studying Public Relations. But later on realize that Management Assistant could really take me somewhere so i then chose to study it. As now i am so in love with it more than Public Relations.

How I Got My Internship
My friend told me to register my profile with Gwconnect. I registered after a few days later got a call from Outex inviting me for an interview which I passed and I got my internship.

The Company
I am currently an intern at Mmed Distribution. The environment is warm and good, staff member and the boss are the best and helpful in every way possible. They are very nice people to work with. I am looking forward to learn more and I am sure that i will gain experience.
Isabella Mangue | Management Assistant | 2019-11-05

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