More Information

About Me
I am Palesa Adelaide Matsi , I am 23 years old dedicated lady who stays in Tembisa, I matriculated in 2011 and furthered my studies in Ekurhuleni West Kempton Campus where I studied Management Assistant and completed my N6 in 2015.
In 2015 I worked at American Swiss Jewellers as a Sales Associate, then joined Value Logistics for a freight handling learner ship in 2016 which was a program for a year.

Being a management assistant requires one to love working with different types of people and being exposed to different kind of things. So basically I chose it because it fits in any department or rather any company and it has many opportunities.

How I Got My Internship
A very good friend of mine told me to register my cv with GWConnect because it helped her get an internship. I decided to register my cv in April 2017 then in May 2017 was contacted by a very kind lady called Lydia from OUTEX who was so patient and willing to make me understand that I have been invited for an internship interview. So the interview was successful started with my internship on the 1st of June.

The Company
I am placed in one of South African leading company, it is so motivating and I work with friendly people who are so kind in helping me learn and grow about their operation, values, and culture. Being here is a huge opportunity for me.

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